PDF has become a globally recognized and widely used standard for the exchange, as well as for storage and archiving of electronic documents. Secure long-term archiving: PDF / A ensures the safe reproduction of documents on technologically unpredictable periods.

OCR text recognition

Optical Character Recognition (Optical Character Recognition), or OCR, is a technology that enables the conversion of various documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or digital images into editable and searchable data.

Software Development

In the center of software development is the realization of customized solutions for requirements and tasks, where standard software is not sufficient.


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  • AutoOCR-CS-CL – Command line application for AutoOCR via Web-Service - 07.08.2019
    AutoOCR-CS-CL is a command line add-on application available free of charge for the AutoOCR server. AutoOCR-CS-CL enables the conversion of image PDF, TIF/TIFF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF files into searchable PDF or PDF/A files. Communication with the AutoOCR server is done with http/https via the AutoOCR SOAP web service interface. The AutoOCR server can be […]
  • DropPrint-CS – Print PDF via DropZone / Folder Monitoring – via PDFPrint Service CS - 05.08.2019
    In addition to PDFPrint-CS-CL and PDFPrint-CS-FM, DropPrint-CS provides another free client for the PDFPrint Service CS application. DropPrint-CS has the same functionality as DropPrint, but printout is remote via web service on a machine running the PDFPrint Service CS application.     Download – DropPrint-CS – Print PDF via Drag&Drop with PDFPrint-CS >>>
  • eDocPrintPro free / PDF/A & ZUGFeRD version 4.0.0 available - 05.08.2019
    Until now, a monitor application (xxxMonitor.exe) was started automatically for each eDocPrintPro printer driver when the computer was started. The start of the monitor application was entered under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (64bit OS). As of version 4.0.0, the eDocPrintProMonitor.exe is no longer started automatically and is no longer listed unter “Run”. The printer driver only calls the […]

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