About us

software & solutions for business documents

Our company has focused since 1998 on the conception, development and distribution of PDF, PDF/A, OCR, digital signature, document digitisation and web solutions.

The tools we developed make everyday work with computers easier and more effective. Our software takes routine tasks and allows you to concentrate on the actual core business.

However, we are not satisfied with what we have achieved and, as in the past, we will continue to work together with our partners and customers on the continuous development of our product range. In this way, we ensure the optimum benefit and long-term protection of our customers’ investments.

Today it is possible to access company data and information from any location, as the methods of communication are becoming ever easier, safer and faster.

Sometimes we amaze ourselves, what is possible. We are always surprised how easy solutions of highly complex tasks often end up. Incidentally, we understand “simple” to be functional, efficient and lean. For you, this means fast, cost-effective implementation, high reliability and simple operation.

These versatile products are suitable to support work processes in companies, as components for integrators and OEM customers, also for end users.