EasyMerge is used to merge multiple PDF or PDF / A documents into a single PDF or PDF / A file. Files can be dragged by drag & drop. Drop or past the eDocPrintPro printer driver into a processing list. The order can be changed at any time and the text for the bookmarks in the entire file can be edited.

Version 1.7.2 supports not only PDF / A-1b but also PDF / A-2b, PDF using PDF / A conversion profiles / A-3b as well as the Level 3b based ZUGFeRD format for electronic invoice exchange. PDF Compressor as an additional Option.

EasyMerge features:

Convert PDFs to PDF / A-1b, 2b, 3b or ZUGFeRD
Multiple PDF single files are merged into a single PDF (/ A) total result file.
Insert the individual files using Drag & amp; Drop, file selection or automatic transfer via the eDocPrintPro printer driver
Change & amp; Set the order of the individual files – Move Up / Down
Editing Bookmarks – These are added to the entire file for each individual file.
PDF / A Profiles – set parameters for PDF / A conversion.
PDFCompressor: Compresses existing PDF files many times depending on the initial situation and settings.


More about EasyMerge

Product knowledge

Merge2Print is an interactive as well as a command line application to merge several single PDF files from one input folder to one or more total PDF files in an output folder. The individual files are merged in alphabetical order by name. The name of the ouput file can be configured via variables – counter, date, time. There is an additional parameter to set the maximum number of pages an output file should contain. This makes it possible to create PDF “print files” with a given maximum page number. A total PDF file can be used to ensure that the documents/pages are output to a printer in the order they are intended.

Merge2Print features:
Merge single PDF files to total PDF file(s)
Interactive / Command line application
Processing via input/output folder
Delete source files – Yes/No
Max. pages for total PDF file – 0 = no max. pages
Counter, date, time as variables for the output file

How to get it?

You can easily buy our products in our WebShop . (MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, SOFORT and invoice for companies with valid UstID / UID)

Of course you can also inquire directly and get an offer from us for your order.

The products are installed as a DEMO version at the workplace and can be tested with all functions for 30 days. Afterwards, the software must be activated as a full version, otherwise a DEMO stamp will be applied to the generated documents.

Product license

The products are licensed according to your order for the workstation, terminal server or server.

The licenses are tied to the workplace where it was activated first. Licenses can be transferred.

When you purchase a full license, you will receive access data from the ProductActivationManager and activate your DEMO version as a full version. The activationkey is called via a server installed in our house and accessible via the Internet.